Established in 2001, ZipperBag Co., Ltd. is one of the top plastic bag manufacturers in Asia. With a factory located in Thailand, ZipperBag offers our clients wide-range of highest quality PE packaging solutions and services including customized industrial ziplock bags, food storage bags, branded and OEM ziplock bags, and various stock size bags. Zipline solutions include a waterproof zipper, airtight zipper, slider zipper, and unique Klick-zip.
Zipper Bag is proud to work closely with global brands in design consulting and packaging to bring the best products that respond to market needs. Through achieving ISO 9001: 2015 in Quality Management System, zipper bags consistent quality, top-of-mind service, and ceaseless innovation to develop new packaging solutions and functionalities help ZipperBag become a trustable name for international labels and brands all over the world.




We aim to provide one-size-fit-all solution for every packaging's needs and create positive impact to the world.



We provide quality soft and flexible packaging for every industry and for all usages with high-valued services.